The Underwoods modern production facility and expertly trained butchers maintains a healthy balance between the traditional hand cut expertise, for the bespoke needs of our specialist customers, and modern auto-portioning, for volume and accuracy, in order to satisfy the larger groups and branded chains within the catering and food service industries.

We believe, as catering butchers, it is important all products are allowed to hang and mature in the correct environment for the correct length of time as this is vitally important for eating quality.  During the hanging process, and subsequent maturation, natural enzymes act on the fibres of the muscles to improve tenderness and enhance flavour.  Only when the meat has been hung for the correct length of time does it enter the Underwoods butchery process.

All products are batch controlled throughout our butchery system and consequently all products, once butchered, are fully traceable back to source which is standard practice through the packaging and labelling process.