Sausage and Burgers

Underwoods have created a diverse range of handmade sausages and burgers based on both traditional and innovative recipes using the highest quality ingredients to offer the caterer a host of products to entice the customer as well as enhance the variety offered on any menu.

Underwoods will not to be compromised on quality. Our Sausage range is produced from fresh, prime muscle, high meat content sausage in natural or collagen casings minced and blended with a traditional seasoning to create a range of homemade sausages; noted for their succulence and flavour.

Our burgers are created from prime cuts which are ground and by incorporating our own ingredients and seasonings we have a range of burgers to satisfy the most discerning pallet.

The Underwoods Sausage & Burger range guarantee customer satisfaction with complete technical compliance to regulatory standards.

try our award winning butcher's prime range of handmade sausages....